Saturday, January 2, 2010

September 2, 2009

Thanks for the knee strap that you are going to send. If you could sneak in any candy like tootsie roll pops and a picture of the family that would be great. They always ask to see pictures of the family, but I don't have any so it kind of sucks. Haha. Things are settling down a lot more. The language is still ridiculous. But every week I get slightly better and start to understand more and more and start to say more and more.

This week I had the opportunity of feeling the real wrath of a Cambodian storm. It doesn't rain with rain drops here. It literally rains buckets. I could not believe how hard it rained. It was absolutely nuts. We were riding in water up to our ankles after literally 20 minutes. It was nuts. Cars were like wading through the water and all the motos were dying because the water was up so high. I was soaked in about 5 seconds. And all my scriptures in Khmae and stuff got ruined. So we had to keep the fan blowing on them for two days. Now they are usable, but they aren't so pretty.

We found a lot of new investigators last week so we're going around trying to have follow up appointments with that. A lot of them fall through. But we're always trying our hardest.

Yesterday on our way to branch meeting I almost got killed by a car because my brakes broke right as I was going through an intersection. I had to whip my bike around real fast, and he just missed me. And then I had to ride around for a few hours without brakes. And then we finally found a bike shop that could fix it. The bikes here are so ghetto. But good ones would get jacked in 5 seconds.

This morning we cleaned house so now it’s spotless.

President Smedley lets us watch movies so last week we watched after everything was over, with all the other Elders in our district. That movie was strange...Had some funny moments. But the talking dog thing weirded me out. Have you seen that yet? And today for our activity we went bowling. That was fun. It was like 10 bucks for 4 of us plus shoes. So we had fun bowling a few games. I'm not very good. But I was breaking 100 so I'm happy.

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