Saturday, January 2, 2010

October 13, 2009

Things have been rough this week. I got that wart on my hand cut off, or burned off. It was a little of both. So now I have a huge gaping hole in my hand. So I have to consistently go back to the doctor like everyday. And each time it takes like an hour to 2 hours depending which kills a lot of our proselyting time. So that has been really frustrating. And it’s just a burden to have in the first place.

The language is getting better. I've learned so much since I got here. Yesterday was officially two months since I have entered the country. And today is two months of proselyting. But I still have so much more of the language to learn. I can't quite understand everything yet. I need to start praying harder for that again. So if you could please include that in your prayers that would be awesome too. I need help learning this language.

We have 4 baptisms in 2 weeks. And we're working hard to prepare them. And we have 1 person we just committed as well. Plus we have like 4 or 5 more we are planning on giving the commitment to the next lesson or 2 we teach them. So we'll see how that goes as well. Nothing too crazy has happened this week. I just keep trying to keep plugging along. Trying to exercise every day is the worst part. I hate exercising in the morning. And we don't have time at night.

Conference was awesome. I never enjoyed a conference as much as I had enjoyed that one.

I'm into Acts in the New Testament now. It’s pretty good. And I'm also reading Jesus the Christ since I just finished the 4 gospels. I already know what I want for Christmas. Haha. I want to get copies of the NLightN CD's and CD's that we used to listen to in the car. The Book of Mormon stories ones and stuff like that. Remember those? I do. The armor of God song? Those were the best. Haha. Good times.

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