Saturday, January 2, 2010

November 3, 2009

Halloween was a blast here. I didn't even realize it was Halloween until I was writing in my journal that night. The 1st to the 3rd of November was the Water Festival. We weren't allowed to leave the house on Monday. So we just updated records all day, and then yesterday was Sports Day (everyone just meets together and plays sports all day). Tomorrow is hectic because we have Elders leaving so we have to take an Elder for a day and cover two branches, and Friday is transfers. I'm getting a new companion. I'm really excited because everyone says he's the best missionary ever and he knows a ton of Khmae. So I'm excited to learn from him. I'm going to miss Elder Sweeten. I love him to death. We've gotten to be like best friends in the last few weeks. I'm really grateful he's my trainer. My new companion is Elder Fisher. He's from Texas. And it is going be a blast serving with him. Every Elder who knows him said that they absolutely love the guy. So it should be really fun serving with him.

Please keep praying for me to learn Khmae. I want to get so good at this language. I pray every night to love these people. And slowly but surely I can feel myself loving them more and more. The language barrier creates problems with that. But I figure if I love them with all my heart before I know the language then I'll really love them once I can communicate really well with them.

We have 7 really solid investigators that are supposed to be baptized on the 21st. Please pray for them that they will do that according to plan. And Colby Denton is supposed to be baptized on the 21st too! So let's make the 21st a special day. Haha.

Yes, I did eat a tarantula. It was pretty good. They cook it in some kind of Khmae BBQ sauce. The worst part about it is getting over the fact that the thing is a spider the size of your hand. I recorded it too. So when I send that home you'll be able to see it in action. Haha.

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