Saturday, January 2, 2010

June 30, 2009

Well it has just been another normal week in the MTC. The Mission President's Conference was good. We weren't allowed to meet our Mission President though because they didn't want any of us giving them swine flu. But we happened to run into our Mission President's wife in the bookstore. That was really cool. So at least we got to do that. And we had 6 apostles at our fireside on Friday. That was really cool. And on Sunday we saw The First Presidency and all of the Quorum of the 12 except for President Packer. L Tom Perry is a giant.

The language is going good. I got 140 words to memorize by Saturday so I can use them at the TRC. I'm trying to do about 30 a day. At the RC last Tuesday I talked to a guy for an hour about the church. We went over a ton of stuff. It caught on quite fast. He had a Book of Mormon so we read together in that over the phone. I think he was from China. But he lived in Cali. But I asked him to read a few scriptures in 3 Nephi about Christ's ministry to the Nephites and he said he would and that he would like it if I called him back sometime this week to talk about what he had read. So I'm going to call him back either today, tomorrow, or Thursday and see how he's doing. I'll probably try and teach him some of the principles in the 3rd lesson since we talked about the 1st two over the phone last Tuesday. 3 Nephi will tie in wonderfully to the 3rd lesson. Tell Dad that I'm reading Jesus the Christ right now, and that it is really good. It is very informative. I don't know how he read through the Old Testament. There are a few stories in there I like, but the rest of it just completely bores me to death. I love the Book of Mormon though. Reading about Alma, Amulek, Ammon, and the Sons of Mosiah is easily the best part. They were just beastly missionaries. Alma 26 is probably one of my favorite chapters ever.

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