Saturday, January 2, 2010

June 2, 2009

The language is going good. We've learned to testify, pray, ask simple yes/no questions, and state that we are missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Me and my companion have been working hard on learning the letters so that we can have a head start when we start learning how to read and write script. My teachers are Brother Avery and Brother Masters. Each has their own unique way of teaching to enable us to fill the spirit and learn effectively.

All missionaries have been delayed at least one week because there have been 3 cases of the H1M1 virus (or whatever they call swine flu) here in the MTC. Me and my companion did have a room to ourselves, but since the missionaries can't leave, we'll be getting two new roommates tomorrow. I don't think the delay will affect us at all because we'll be here for 12 weeks. We'll just have to see though.

This week we'll be preparing the first lesson so we can teach people who volunteer to be taught. It’s in English though. By week 6 we'll be teaching the lessons in Khmae. We will also be doing a situational thing where we meet volunteers in a park and tell them who we are and about the Book of Mormon and stuff like that. That will all be in Khmae. So this week we'll be learning approaches, how to greet someone, how to have small talk and stuff like that, so that when we get to Cambodia we'll know how to approach someone on the street.

We can't play basketball right now because they don't want to spread the swine flu. Oh well. Every Tuesday we can go to the temple and a General Authority comes and speaks. So I'm excited for that. I'm not very stressed at all right now. Except for trying to find the Spirit in everything I do. But that's a good stress.

My companion is Elder Hermann. He’s from Seattle. Great kid. I love the fact he’s always striving for the Spirit. There are 12 elders and 1 sister in our group. It’s the largest group ever. It’s going pretty good. I got called to be district leader which is fun. But it’s a lot of work. Elder Hurwitz is from Hawaii. He is 6’10”!!! One of the funniest people I’ve ever met. He calls me Elder Chlaat, which means smart, and I call him Elder Kahpuaa, which means tall. We try to speak as much Khmae as possible to each other. I’m in Branch 30. Our Branch President is President Christenson. He is so full of the Spirit.

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