Saturday, January 2, 2010

June 9, 2009

Thinks are going great here. Our two new roommates are awesome. They are both going to Winnepeg, Canada. So they won't be here for very long.

The language is awesome. I have praying down now. It’s super easy. And I love the language. I'm debating just forgetting English entirely because Khmae is just so cool. It just has more meaning to it. For instance the word for "to like" is "coolcett" (pronounced "Joel Jett" (the c makes a j sound in Romanized for some reason...)). Cool means to hold. And cett means your heart. So instead of saying you like something you say that you hold it close to your heart. Its things like that that make the language so awesome. And the word they use for endure means to love life through the hard times, whereas when we say endure, it sounds like you're just putting up with being alive. It’s so awesome.

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