Saturday, January 2, 2010

July 14, 2009

These last two weeks have been some of the best ever. They've been so great as my district and I have watched the Lord prepare us for our trip to Cambodia in a few weeks. The language is going amazing. And the food is still awful. It'll be a challenge for us to learn the vocab needed to teach the Plan of Salvation which is the 2nd lesson. There are words like premortal life, and judgment, and other words like that that you can think of that relate to that lesson. I've almost finished the Book of Mormon and have even begun reading the Book of Mormon in Khmae because I understand a lot more of it now and I can also read much faster than I used to. I usually put the English BOM next to me when I read so that when I come across a word I don't know, I can figure it out and just translate it. I've learned a lot of new words doing this.

I would like you to send me phonogram cards like the ones we used to go over. I need the sounds that go with them because I have forgotten most of them. I want some so that I can teach my native companions and other Cambodian people how to speak English. I think it would be a great help to them if I had a set of those.

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