Saturday, January 2, 2010

December 2, 2009

Sunday I got to baptize my first person. We baptized Sokli and her two kids Gumseng and Gumsua. They are awesome. I baptized the mom and Elder Fisher baptized the 2 girls. They've really grown a lot. We just committed another investigator to baptism again. His name is Hoan. We tried to do it once but he declined. But he came to the baptism on Sunday and then we committed him again and so this time he said yes. And he's reading like crazy in the Book of Mormon. So now we just have to get his wife to start learning with us. Elder Fisher went on a split with a district leader last week so I got to have a goon for a day (a brand new missionary who just came). That was fun. I had to do all the talking that day because he hasn't been here for very long so he still doesn't know the language very well. I was running completely off the Spirit that day because I was able to understand and say everything I needed to that day. We got 10 lessons taught that day and 5 with members present. We dominated.

The mission president still wants us working with members and inactives. He was just saying that our lessons taught to recent converts and less actives were too high and that we needed to start getting more lessons to some new people out there. So we're still trying to work through the members. It’s just hard. Everyone always says they're busy. Even though most of the time they sit around in the hammocks all day. We only have 2 investigators with a baptismal date now. And we only have about 3 that are progressing after that. We need more.

We just got a new branch president and he is the biggest stud in the world. I think he'll be really good. We have to keep on going finding a lot right now because we're running out of investigators. So I keep praying so hard for referrals. We got 3 yesterday. So hopefully we can contact them and just get them going and get some more investigators on top of those ones too. We taught 44 lessons this week with 15 having a member there to help. And we're going for even more this week. So hopefully it'll keep picking up. I pray to God that he reloads us with some new solid investigators.

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