Saturday, January 2, 2010

December 30, 2009

Wow. Christmas went by so fast. It was so much fun. Now it’s back to the work and toil everyday. But that's OK. In this Branch, I'm willing to work 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It’s so awesome here. I love the language here. It has so much extra meaning to it that you don't find in English. It’s really hard to speak though because you say about twice as many words to do that. But there is just so much deeper meaning to all the words. It’s really sweet. But we have even more investigators now and we're sitting at about 20 something that are legitimately progressing. I'm trying not to brag at all but I just get so excited about the success we're having that it’s hard not too. So I just pull the Ammon excuse that comes from Alma 26. My whole heart and soul is like completely rejuvenated because of the awesomeness of this branch. I'm like overwhelmed with joy 24/7 because of all the people we have that want to learn. And as a result I'm trying to express more gratitude than I ever though imaginable for how spoiled God has made me in the Branch. I honestly cannot describe in words to you right now the state of my soul and just how filled it is with the Spirit right now. It’s phenomenal. And I give the credit all to God because this definitely didn't come from anything that I've ever done.

My New Year's resolution is to jump rope 15 minutes everyday. A good hard solid jump roping should help me lose some of this weight I'm hoping. I'm at 185. When I got here I was at 170. I hope I'm just storing up for a growth spurt here real soon. We played 3 on 3 soccer in the gym today, Americans vs Khmaes. We told them we were going to dominate but they insisted. We beat them. Haha. They are definitely more skilled but Americans had the size advantage and we're way more athletic.

We have gotten 5 new referrals in the last 3 days. So we're somehow trying to squeeze them in too. So now I think we're at about 20 seriously solid investigators that are progressing. The hard part is that they all want to meet at the same times. So I'm looking forward to planning session tomorrow so that we can start double booking time slots if we need to as well. In my prayers I've never given more thanks in my life. I feel so spoiled and unworthy to be in this branch. It’s absolutely ridiculous. So I keep trying to give as much thanks as possible in prayer so that God knows I'm truly grateful for my opportunity to serve here. And in terms of a language and a people, I am spoiled out of my mind already. The members here treat us as if we are angels sent directly from God, like we just came from heaven or something. It’s amazing. And with every bit of language I learn my desire to learn more grows and grows. The meanings behind all the words is just so deep. It’s so cool. They say months 4-5 are really hard because you're fixing all your bad habits in the language that you learned from months 1-3. But everyone has told me that months 6-9 you really start to get dang good at the language. So I am going to start studying the language even harder now trying to get even more fluent than some of the Khmaes. I think I'm completely obsessed with learning the language. And the more I learn the easier it is to teach, to get to know people, and to show them my love. It’s so awesome. I love it. I've never prayed harder for my investigators in my life either. Every night I've just pouring out everything I can thing of that is going to help them and that is going to benefit them in coming unto Christ. It’s so great. I love it here in Branch 12. And as long as it’s here and God is blessing me like this, I will be giving more thanks than I ever thought I could give. I'm doing awesome.

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