Sunday, September 26, 2010

June 23, 2010

We're working really, really, hard and we're being blessed by the Lord for it. When I first got here it was a nightmare. I was so worried about having people to meet, because we had no one. But, we just had our first baptism here. Elder Haws got the baptize her which I was really excited for because that's his first time doing it. But, now we've gotten more and more referrals and we have 6 families we are now teaching, along with 8 other individuals we're teaching. We're so full everyday now it's so beautiful!!

We had 29 combined investigators at church on Sunday and 89 people which is more than we have every had ever. 20 of those 29 were ours and the 9 were all miracles that they came. Me and Elder Donnelson were getting ready to rejoice and cry as all of our investigators were brought to church by members, had those members directing them from class to class, and overall the warm welcome they received from everyone. It was the greatest most exciting thing ever. The Lord is blessing us out of our minds right now. And, as Nephi of old, I will have to praise God all the day long, in triumph or defeat, in joy or sadness, in health or sickness, because of the great, many blessings he has poured out upon our heads.

I biffed it way hard on my bike this week. We were luckily riding out to a little village out in the middle of nowhere so no one saw but Elder Haws. I have a fatty bruise on my hip! I'm good though. It was actually really funny. I just have a fatty scrape on my arm now.

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