Sunday, September 26, 2010

July 6, 2010

4th of July was a blast. The senior couple made burgers. It was like I was back in America again for a meal. It was so awesome. No fireworks here. All holidays here function around Buddhism.

The work is going really, really well. We're really trying to keep it up. And, we're finding miracles to occur every day. It's so awesome. Members are the greatest thing ever. They help so much when they join in on the lessons. A lot of them run blind or with very simple faith. But, we're seeing the progression in everyone as they help us teach.

Me and Elder Donnelson have been talking a lot about trying to get this place going. He's our district leader. We've grown to be like best friends living in the same house together. When we first got here, this place was dead. But, we have seen so much growth and progression s we have worked so dang hard to dominate both of our areas. Kompong Thom has easily been my most favorite area ever. It's just so chill here. And, I have a feeling that I could be here for a long time, too. I've set my goals, and I'm working hard to meet my challenges. And, as long as I keep it up, God will help me obtain those goals while I'm here in Cambodia, and especially while I'm here in Kompong Thom.

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