Sunday, September 26, 2010

June 13, 2010

Transfers are on Friday, and I'm going to be training. Elder Donnelson is going to be the new zone leader so I'm becoming the district leader. I've served with Elder Donnelson for more than half of my mission now. We work really well together. And, looks like we'll probably be together another 2 transfers I'm guessing.

We had a baptism on Sunday. Her name is Lomang. Probably one of the weirdest people I have ever taught. But, she knew the Book of Mormom was true, and that this was Christ's restored gospel upon the Earth. She was the best pain in the butt I've ever taught. Sometimes, I wanted to slit my wrists because she is kind of immature. But, she has such a strong testimony that we just had to endure. It was good.

Don't worry about our conditions. They're not bad. It's the people that we teach that got it really bad. We go through some pretty narly stuff in order to teach people sometimes. It's pretty fun.

The work is going well. And, the mission is absolutely booming. We are only about 30 baptisms off pace of getting 800 in a year, and the mission keeps growing and growing. One branch in Phnom Penh had 250 people at church and 58 of those were investigators. Our branch hs seen tons of growth too. Maybe not that much, but we're way newer. And, we had no one to teach when I first got here and now every hour of the day is filled with appointments. God is smiling down upon us. And, the whole entire mission is working ridiculously hard.

Please pray for families. That is what our focus is. And, we've been getting some. Pray that we will have families to teach. Pray that the Lord will lead us so that we can teach full families. And, pray that God will soften the hearts of the men in the families we're teaching in all of Cambodia, because WE NEED PRIESTHOOD HOLDERS. This country is ready for the Gospel. And, it's so amazing that we have a change to be a part of this.

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