Sunday, September 26, 2010

July 20, 2010

Nothing really to report. I'm super old in the mission now. I didn't know half of the Elders that were at the mission home for transfers. My new companion is Elder Nebeker, fresh out of Kimberly, Idaho. He works way hard. And, he tries really hard at the language. And, we've taught some dang good lessons together already so I think I'm going to enjoy the next 3 months or so because he's really excited to be here, and he's excited to be doing this work. It'll help motivate me some too.

One of our families had a miracle. The dad sat in twice now for the entire lesson. And, he came to church for 2 hours. He's managed to lay off the booze long enough to actually learn a bit. And, he seemed really interested about what was going on at church. So, we're hoping that him progressing will really help his family too. All of our investigators are really good. And, I would say that some of them are even stronger than some of the members. One family of a mom and 2 kids should be baptized real soon. She's going to have to get interviewed by President because of an abortion. But, she's way awesome. And, she has really repented a lot. She's been to many Christian churches. And, they've always wanted her to get baptized, and she never felt it was right. But, she said that this time, it just feels right. And, that God wants her to join this church because this is His only true church. Pretty cool.

Please pray for Cambodia, especially for Kompong Thom, and especially for us and our investigators. We want families really bad, and solid priesthood holders at that too.

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