Sunday, May 16, 2010

March 9, 2010

Last night it just started pouring rain out of nowhere, which means that rainy season is fast approaching because it does that all the time during rainy season. Right now, it's super hot every day. There is lots of sun. I have a fatty missionary tan.

We had another investigator get baptized on Sunday. Her name is Malis. She is absolutely amazing. Her Book of Mormon has stuff highlighted and written in the margins, and she takes notes and links things together. She is probably the best investigator I have ever taught. She was awesome. And, we also have a baptism this Sunday. So, we're really excited for that.

We had a bunch of new investigators and referrals that were really good but they have all disappeared and we have no idea where they went. It's really easy to move houses in Cambodia. So people just disappear all the time. So it's really hard to keep track of people. And especially because there is no church in a lot of the provinces yet so records are a disaster too. Some stop learning for various reasons like being super poor so that have to work a ton. But, we are trying to encourage them to set aside just a bit of time to learn every week and the Lord will help them. I still have full confidence that this will be a Latter-Day Saint nation.

If there is one attribute of mine that I have seen increase is my love for the people. Now that I can usually understand what they are saying I just absolutely love talking to everyone I see. I can walk up to anyone and just start talking with them for an hour and it's so fun. Most of the time when they see that I am a white guy speaking Khmae, they all come and flock over and then we have like 20 people that we can share the Restored Gospel with. These people are so amazing. It's just so sad that they have rejected Christ and believe in Buddha. But, the Buddhist religion has developed more morally clean people than "Christian" churches of America. I am really starting to realize what Nephi meant when he said there is only Christ's church and Satan's church. That is definately true. This truly is the only church of God.

I can get clothes specifically cut to fit me perfect for cheap. A shirt is about 5 or 6 bucks and pants are about 7 to 10. It's way sweet. I can choose the fabric, they measure me, and then they make it. It's that easy. And, they make it pretty good too. Please stick 40 bucks in my account so that I can get some new clothes because all of my clothes are starting to really wear. They weren't meant for the gruttiness of Cambodia.

We just got transfer announcements yesterday, and I am happy to say that I am not going anywhere and neither is Elder Cheang.

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