Sunday, May 16, 2010

March 16, 2010

On Sunday I had the opportunity of baptizing someone named Tola. He's awesome. He just came wondering into the church about a month or so ago saying that he really wanted to learn. And, now he's a stud. He goes to institute class. He comes to church. And, he does anything that we ask him. It's awesome.

A few weeks ago our district leader told us that if we have time slots to fill, that God has already prepared them for us. And when he said that I thought it was really profound and took that to heart. And it is true. We keep finding new investigators to meet and fill time slots. It is absolutely amazing. Most of them don't go anywhere. But we have a few here and there that are starting to become really promising.

Cool story. We were going tracting the other day and we met some kid. He rode up while we were talking to some people and he stopped to listen and then he said he wanted to learn. When I saw him pull up, I had something that told me that he was the reason why we were stopped and talking to the other guys and so we set a time to meet him. And, we haven't been able to meet him for a week and a half now but we went by to randomly visit him the other day. He wasn't there. So we were talking to one of his neighbors and just as we said that we were representatives of Christ, a lady was walking by. She turned around and told us that she had learned of Christ before but had stopped. And, she said that she wanted to learn again. It's a family too. Her, her daughter, and her husband. The husband wants to learn but he works from 7am to 11pm so we never have a chance to meet him. But last night, after only the second time of meeting them, we committed them to baptism and they said yes!!! Now I don't know why God had that one kid stop and talk with us that one day. And, I don't know if God was just using him to get us to this family. But holy peeling bananas is that not a miracle of what !?!? That God uses a means like that to get us to this family. And, I hope we can continue teaching him too because he was really good. But, God blessed us with a family on this one.

The gospel is true. I know that every day as I open the Book of Mormon and read for 30 minutes in the morning. I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. I know that God loves us and we are his children. And I know that the Lord will prepare a way for us in everything we do here in the mission.

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