Sunday, May 16, 2010

April 28, 2010

Wow...Kompong Thom is...a mess. It's going to be a really stressful couple of months. The branch has some serious problems. There is no leadership. The one bright spot in the branch is that the youth are awesome. They hold the branch together better than anyone else. I'm already stressed in my mind and I've been here less than a week.

That's the members. The investigators are so hot and cold. That act like they have no desire to learn. But then, they'll make some huge sacrifice to learn or strengthen their testimonies. It's nuts!! So, I'm completely stressed over them too.

New companion is a nice guy. Elder Haws. He's been here 3 months. So his Khmae is still bad and he can't understand anything. So then it pretty much falls upon my shoulders in terms of communication. So, it's really hard!!!

Kaets are really cool though. We have spiders the size of my head here. And they get in the house sometimes. We had to kill one my first night there. Bug spray or Raid doesn't kill them. It just makes them really really really mad! And, they are lightening quick. So we have to kill it the instant we see it or we're going to have some friends sleeping with us that night. Scary! We also saw this 3 foot Komoto Dragon looking thing. It was sweet!!! Got some pictures. But they don't do it justice for how big it truly was.

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