Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 6, 2010

I personally will be calling you on Monday. So, I will be talking to you on Monday. Haha.

Yesterday we went up to Siem Riap for zone conference. I got to see Elder Zabriskie and Elder Thompson again. I love Elder Thompson. And Elder Zabriskie just has to be the best Elder and most amazing person I have ever met. And there are of bunch of Elders that I am really good friends with in Siam Riap so it was really sweet being able to see all of them. Plus, zone conference was awesome.

We are starting to really try to push our investigators here and it's going to be good for them. We had one that after she learned about the great apostasy she asked "So how can I know which church is true?" It was so perfect. We pulled out the Book of Mormon and taught her about it. It was absolutely off the charts amazing. And her family has a lot of potential to start learning too so I'm super excited over that!!!

This area is going to be a ton of work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, it's a little bit frustrating coming from Branch 12 (the greatest place on earth). But I have a real feeling that if I'll just put everything I got into it that it will explode and it will help tons of people come unto Christ.

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