Sunday, March 7, 2010

February 9, 2010

Crazy...We thought we had a mouse in the house. We saw it running around for 2 weeks, and we tried to catch it but it always got away. We were wrong though. So we laid a stick trap and we got...7 mice, a mom, a dad, and 5 babies. One freaked out so bad that it pooped all its intestines out. Real gross. But we stuck peanut butter in the middle. And that's just irresistible to them. So now our mouse problems are over. We spent a good amount of time cleaning up the house this morning too.

Work is good. I'm having tons of fun teaching so many different people every single day. It's a blast. We have to baptize 68 people a month as a mission in order to fulfill our goal. And I think right now we're on pace.

The Khmae is coming great. It's a real blessing from the Lord to see how He helps us learn different languages.

I never realized how much more you prosper when you keep the commandments of God. I wish I would've realized that sooner in life.

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