Sunday, March 7, 2010

February 23, 2010

Work is going good. We have a lot of people that are finishing up the lessons and so they will be interviewed in the next week or two for baptism. So, that will be fun getting to see all them go through.

We just had zone conference on Monday, and it was awesome. Zone conference is always just so refreshing to the soul. I don't know why that is. But my heavens it is great. Elder Pratt from the 70 came. He gave an awesome speech. What really impressed me the most was how simple yet powerful his testimony at the very end was. He just bore testimony about all these simple truths and it was just so amazingly powerful. I guess that's why he is a General Authority and I'm not. Haha.

Language is going well. I've learned a ton so far and it's getting easier and easier to memorize words now. And, I'm starting to learn a bunch of words that are awesome but only get used every so often. Like cancer, and democratic republic, and refugee and words like that that everyone knows but they're only used every once in a while.

I've almost been a missionary for 9 months now. 3 more days and it's 9 months exactly. Crazy huh.

The Lord truly has blessed me in letting me come to such a wonderful people and such a wonderful country.

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