Sunday, March 7, 2010

February 2, 2010

I'm on a rice diet right now. And have a rice belly to show for it too. Yap!! That's a Khmae word for ya. Things are going well here right now. We have 15 investigators with baptismal dates. So we'll hopefully be motoring through some people here right now. I got to baptize someone on Sunday. Her name is Sotiarit. She is the cousin of some of the other members in our branch. They are all really good. So it's awesome teaching them. And we also have two more baptisms coming up a week from Sunday. A lot of our baptisms are just single people because they are mostly students who go to one of the gazillion schools that surround our area and our church building. And God wants us to baptize 800 people this year so he's going to prepare a lot more people for us to teach and baptize.

I also had this thought about 3 weeks ago that said, "What I get out of my mission is what I put into my prayers." I thought that was interesting and really good. And so far, it's been true. For all our investigators, the ones I pray the hardest for seem to progress the most. And so now, no matter how tired I am, I'm trying to pray for all of them and everything else I can think of. And, I'm still trying to improve my prayers. There are just so many things to pray for. So I keep dedicating myself to my prayers at night trying to fulfill the Lord's work that he has set aside for me.

Khame is going well. I just started the grade 4 Khmae book. Haha. I have forgotten about 99% of the words I have ever learned. But someday I'll get them all. Don't know when. But it'll come. Elder Chiang, my new companion, is great. He speaks English. So we mostly speak English, but I'm going to propose a day of Khmae and a day of English switching. That way I can practice too.

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