Sunday, January 16, 2011

September 14, 2010

Last week we had bunch of dudes drinking call us over. I always ignore them. But for some reason, this time I went. The one calling me over looked like a straight up bum, super long hair, facial hair, and stunk like alcohol. He said that his sister-in-law is a member in our branch. And funny enough, we managed to figure out who that was, and she really is a member. He told us he really wanted to learn because he was trying to quit drinking. So I gave him a pamphlet with our number on it, took down his info, then completely forgot about him. He then called us the next day and for some reason I somehow recognized his number. He wanted to meet us that day. So we went out to meet him after Pday. We rode right by him. I didn't even recognize him!! He had cut his hair, got all shaved up, and looked like a completely different person. He said he took the day off because he wanted to get ready for us to come. So we met him, and his wife and they are our best investigators now. He went from being an alcoholic to a complete stud in a week. His wife said yes before we could finish the commitment, and he said he'd been preparing for baptism since the second he met us. Tender mercies of the Lord are just the greatest things ever and are such a blessing to see in our lives. We are meeting them 6 days a week since she is 8 months pregnant and wants to get baptized before she has the kid.

I love my family so much, especially more and more as I keep teaching families here. I love families more than anything. And, I love the Lord.

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