Sunday, January 16, 2011

December 21, 2010

We've been working really hard. I've seen my desire to share the gospel grow, and my ability to teach grow, and my ability to speak Khmae through the power of God grow too. Sunday we had a district conference. And, President Smedley was there. And there was over 200 people there, which made me super nervous to stand up and translate for everyone. They were putting in the new district presidency. I had to translate. And, so I was praying real hard in my heart that God would really give me the gift of tongues so that I could do that. Afterwards, everyone (both members and other elders) were amazed at the translation. They all complimented me at how dang good I was at Khmae and how clear I spoke. They said that I sounded just like a Khmae. I was very grateful. I said a little prayer in my heart and thanked my Heavenly Father for blessing me with the gift of tongues. It is such a miracle that we can go anywhere and learn the language like we had been speaking it for years. The gift of tongues and other gifts of the Spirit are real.

I've really been praying real hard to rejoice in the success of my brethren like I would in my own success. Sunday, Elder Schiefer, he is from AZ, had a baptism of a whole family, dad, mom, and kids. I had met that family and taught them a couple of times on exchanges. I was so happy for them, and especially Elder Schiefer. We pray every night for each companionship's investigators that are in our zone. And, it is a real blessing to us to care about them so much.

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